What is “Puckerama!”?

Puckerama! is a Whistling Festival that has been held frequently in the United States. With the founder’s cooperation, we have the opportunity to host this event in 2010 in Japan. We plan to hold this festival once or twice a year.


  • Promote and develop “Whistling” as a musical art.
  • Provide a place where whistlers from Japan and overseas can share the art of whistling.


  • The Puckerama! Festival committee has the right to change the above information
  • without prior notice. Please check this site for updates.

Puckerama! in Japan Committee


Greeting message from Mr. Robert Stemmons

In 1998 I wanted to see whistlers concentrate more on sharing, learning, and being friends and less on competition.

Seven whistlers came to Tulsa, Oklahoma and had a wonderful, meaningful experience together. It was focused more on “WHAT is best” rather than “WHO is best”.

As word spread about the joy that “Puckerama” created there were more and more whistlers interested in attending another one like it. So, in 2001, Puckerama 2 was held, also in Tulsa.

This time there was more focus on learning, sharing, and fun! Whistling Workshops, Community Concerts, and “Whistloke” were featured. About 50 whistlers attended!

Most whistlers who attended loved it and the word spread further. The very next year, 2002, “P-3” was held and even more whistlers attended.

I wound up moving to Idaho in 2003 and was not in a good position to host again until 2006. “P-4” was held in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It was fun, and a good audience came to watch us, but only 6 whistlers made it to participate.

In hindsight this was a blessing due to limited space but at the time I assumed interest in Puckerama had dwindled and was disappointed. 😢

In 2009 I was in Tokyo performing in Cirque du Soleil’s “Corteo” and had the privilege of meeting Ryosuke and Cris. We quickly became friends and they helped Pauline and I enjoy our time there.
They told me they would like to host a Puckerama in Japan. I was thrilled! Maybe Puckerama would live on!

In 2010 Pauline, our great friend Byrdie Sue, and I attended “P-5” – the first Puckerama in Japan. We were all blown away! The talent displayed, the creativity, and the fun were beyond anything in previous events! More importantly the spirit of sharing, friendship, and learning took a “front seat” and competition, though present, remained secondary.

“P-6” in 2012 and now “P-7” in 2019 are proof that many whistlers want to keep a good focus on “WHAT is best” about whistling.

Although I will not be able to attend I want all of you to know how much it means to me that you are meeting together to focus on “The Art of Whistling”!

I look forward to enjoying the photos, videos, and most of all the magnificent whistling music!

Have FUN!!!

With much whistling love,
Robert Stemmons

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