The 5th Puckerama! 2010 in Japan

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Date: Saturday, April 10th, 2010 (Entrance Free)

Special Guests:

  • Robert Stemmons — CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Corteo as Loyal Whistler
  • Kimiko Wakiyama — 2007 International Whistlers Convention Grand Champion

Place: Kawasaki International Center Hall (264 seats) in Kanagawa Prefecture (near Tokyo)


  • The Hall is located in a very convenient location with hotel facilities in the same complex. (single room rate is approximately 6,000 yen)

Access: about 12 min. by foot from Moto-Sumiyoshi Sta. (Tokyu-Toyoko line — about 15 minutes from Shibuya Sta. (See map here)

[Ently Outline]

  • Anyone who is devoted to whistling as an art may participate, regardless of citizenship or professional/amateur status.
  • This is not a contest. Enjoy the art of whistling.
  • Participants will share Festival costs equally (approximately 2.000 yen per participant — approximately $23 USD). Overseas entrants should make their payment in cash (Japanese yen) upon arrival.
  • Puckerama! will not pay appearance, transportation or other fees for professional performers.
  • If more than 30 participants or groups apply, the executive committee has the right to choose participants from the total entries.
  • Participants are not required to submit recordings with their applications.
  • The executive committee may ask performers to help in the preparation of the event. If, for some reason, you can’t assist, please advise us on your Application Form. However, we would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.
  • No fee is charged to audience members who attend the concert.

[Performance Outline]

  • Max 10 min. for each performer (or group) performance. The time limit will be finalized once we know how many people will be participating in the event.
  • The festival’s focus is whistling. Any genre of music and accompaniment is possible.
  • Solo, duet or self-accompaniment will be allowed.
  • Microphone available.
  • Piano is available for use by accompanist or for self-accompaniment.
  • Small guitar amp available.
  • CD player available. However, because this is a whistling-focused event, no voice or whistling permitted in the accompaniment CD.
  • Please ask us in advance about other equipment.

[Puckerama! of the Year]

  • At each festival, a “Puckerama! of the Year” will be selected based on participant votes. This ensures that performers listen carefully to each other (paricipants are not permitted to vote for themselves).
  • In case of a tie, the committee will choose a “Puckerama! of the Year”.
  • The “Puckerama! of the Year” will participate as a guest performer at the following Puckerama!

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